Custom Painted and Decaled N-Scale Models


I model the North Bay of San Francisco while assuming the Northwestern Pacific is still in business and does well. 

Since no modern equipment is available with NWP markings, I decided to buy a second hand ALPS printer and make my own decals. Over the years I also started to custom paint models and designed decals when they were not available for my project.

Decals are printed on Tango Papa decal paper. 

Home (Diesel engine)

Freight cars

Road Vehicle



Southern Pacific

PA LifeLike model

PA Kato model, Sunrise Enterprises and own detail parts

(Replacement for LifeLike set above)


E7 LifeLike model

PA Kato model


Union Pacific/Southern Pacific

E6 LifeLike model with Con-Cor passenger car, Microscale decal



Altamont Commuter Express (ACE)

F40PH Kato and Bombardier Bi-Level Athearn model




Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART)

Kato model (Japanese subway model used since no accurate model is available) with Preiser figures


Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ)

Ce 2/2 2 Kato model 


Home (Diesel engine)

Freight cars

Road Vehicle