Custom Painted and Decaled N-Scale Models


I model the North Bay of San Francisco while assuming the Northwestern Pacific is still in business and does well. 

Since no modern equipment is available with NWP markings, I decided to buy a second hand ALPS printer and make my own decals. Over the years I also started to custom paint models and designed decals when they were not available for my project.

Decals are printed on Tango Papa decal paper. 

Home (Diesel engine)

Passenger trains and lightrail

Road Vehicle


Freight Cars

Northwestern Pacific

Models for my Semi-Freelance Railroad Company

Atlas Model


Atlas model


5 unit Gunderson Alan Curtis model, Microscale and own decals

Athearn BethGon Coalporter



Union Pacific one of a kind Cotton Belt covered hopper paint scheme

Atlas model factory lettered with own decals


Department of Defense

DODX Allan Curtis model, Leopard II Roco model

The markings on the tanks are from the 1. Tank Battalion of the 1. Marine Division (The Tanks should be 

Abrams M1 but there is no affordable M1 model available and I needed 20 tanks for my train).


The entire train can be seen here (416kb)


Burlington Northern Santa Fe

5 unit Gunderson Alan Curtis model


Southern Pacific

ConCor (Tri) Bi-level autorack, Plano panels

BMW 3 series car inside the autorack are resin casts from my own mold


5 unit NScaleKits model


Saskatchewan Government

Intermountain 4 Bay cylindrical hopper 




N Scale Kits Gunderson 40ft rebuilt 5 unit well car set (two different version)





Home (Diesel engine)

Passenger trains and lightrail

Road Vehicle