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Engine Shop is a collection with now over 5,000 diesel engine drawings and over 100 different models built by EMD, GE, ALCO, BLW, Budd, FM, KM (Krauss-Maffei), LH, MKO/MP (Morrison-Knudsen, Motive Power), MLW, Ingalls, Railpower, UA (United Aircraft, Sikorsky) and a European joint venture  (SIG/WS/BBC) in different colors of fallen flag and contemporary railroad companies. The drawings are neither to scale nor 100% accurate as far as coloring is concerned. Owner specific differences in a model are not always reflected since I don't have the time and energy to do it. I started this collection, when I created an inventory database with Access 2000 for my N-scale locomotives. After drawing and coloring a GP 20 in SP colors, I found a new and inexpensive hobby.

If you know of a paint scheme you couldn't find in my collection, send me an e-mail with the website URL so I can check it out. Please, don't send me attached files. I caught twice a virus and I won't download any files anymore. Corrections are always welcome, since I sometimes use black and white or older, faded photos. 

I used different books, magazines and websites to find the different paint schemes for this collection and so my thanks goes to all those unknown photographers for their effort over so many years.

The drawings are copyrighted by

Roland Ruesch


Links (to websites which are still out there)

If you found some web site that have fancy coding in order to prevent you from downloading and saving pictures, just go to this web site and download the little freeware program MWSnap:


Railroad information and drawings

Just Railroad links to web sites and heralds

Rails Canada search engine

Trainmaster colored line drawings

Scale Drawings line drawings in 1:55

The Track Switch line drawings in 1:92

Diesel Graphics line drawings

Will Anderson's Train Art CAD line drawings



Erie & Lackawanna and other Fallen Flag Railroad Companies



Reporting Marks


Heralds and railway related fonts

Clip art collection of heralds

Railroad fonts (Benn Coifman)


Diesel engine history database  (gone! If somebody has information about this web site, please sent me an e-mail)


And my thanks go to ...

I want to mention the following people who helped me over the years that my collection grew and became more accurate. It also gives a link to their web sites if they provided me with that information. There is no guarantee that the links still work.


Jeff Semper
Ray Cole
George Elwood
Lance Logan  
Carter Pawlus
John Combs and Pat Durand
Verde Canyon Railroad
William R. Martin  
Jeff Schumaker  
Tom Gibson
Don Ross
Carlos Eduardo
Todd Greuter
Tom Hoffman
Phil Hom
Chuck Geletzke
Stirling Woodin
Michael Eby Scale Drawings
Chuck Jensen, Chief Mechanical Officer
Mike Schattl
Mike Lord
Ralph V. Balfoort
André Kritzinger
Claude Gaudet

“Berky”Keith Berkebile
all the members from Forum
Antonio A. Santana 
Eugene Vicknair
Randall D. Gustafson
Tim Corbett
Steve Wiedmer
Compagnie Minière Québec Cartier
Donna Cejalvo
Marc Pearsall
Adrian Cuvalo
Aaron C.




If I forgot you, I am sorry. Just send my an e-mail.