Disassemble of the N-Scale Kato AC4400CW



There is a small problem to take the AC4400CW model apart. There are 2 or 3 little mushrooms (depending on the model) on the cab part that hook into channels on the body shell.



That is the reason that you cannot lift the cab easily of the body since you only can slide the cab forward put not upward. Unfortunately the front handrail is in the way. Instead of trying to lift the cab above the handrail in an angle, I found out that it is easier to get rid of the front handrail part.


After pulling the entire shell of the frame,  you have to lift the plate that holds down the handrail piece. In the Kato exploding diagram you can see the two pieces that make out the handrail part. To lift the plate, just slide an Xacto knife between the last step and the plate and push it up. It comes lose right away.



Pull out the two pieces. The V-shaped lens part for the ditch lights can be left in place since it is not easy to remove it at this point. I only did it to take better pictures.


I removed the back handrail as well but that is not necessary since the back shell lifts off easily.

Put Scotch tape between the handrail and the cab. It will prevent the handrail to get caught.



To pull out the cab, you need to push down the sill unit slightly.



While holding down the sill unit, slowly pull out the cab by wiggling the cab sideways. Take your time. On some model it took me a few minutes while others came off in a snap.

In the picture I overdo it with pushing down the sill unit while pulling the cab upwards (which is not needed at all), but it was not easy to take a picture with one hand while holding the model in place.

To get the handrail of the sill, slide an Xacto knife between the two pieces and turn the blade slowly.

The right side seems to be very tight, so be careful.


To assemble the model, just go backwards. The only complicated part is when the cab is in place and you have to install the V-shaped lens piece into the ditch light fixture. Check the way it is done before you paint it .


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